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Welcome to our website Roadshow-Trailers.eu.


PromoWheels specialises in buying and selling new or used Roadshow Trailers and Medical 
Trailers. This allows us to offer a wide range of Mobile Trailers, Roadshow Trailers,
Exhibition Trailers, Promotional Trailers, Training Trailers and Medical Trailers to you.
We are 100% confident, we can accomodate any specific requirements of Corporate, 
Individual and the Medical industries. Our professional support, and quality service, 
guarantee our ability to meet the everchanging needs of today's increasing market demands, 
in the Exhibition Trailer and Medical Trailer industries. 
As one of the Globe's leading providers of new and used Roadshow Trailers, Promo Wheels 
prides itself on our years of experience in sales, import / export and shipping throughout
Europe and the world.  
The upgrade service we offer, is the complete refurbishment, both interior and exterior,
including the update of used medical equipment, for the Trailer of your choice. We can 
transform any Trailer, using your own unique, specific design and make it look brand new. 
Due to PromoWheel's global network of professional colleagues, in-house knowledge,
combined with our years of experience, in the Trailer business, we have the most cost 
effective answers to all of your technical, budget, design and commercial requirements.
Please contact us today to see how we can save your money and time by providing the best 
Medical or Exhibition Trailers.


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Welcome to our new website with the largest amount of (used) exhibition and medical trailers.

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