Roadshow trailers


- Why is it so difficult to find a used exhibition trailer?

The sale of new and used Exhibition Trailers, Hospitality Trailers and Medical Trailers,
is a niche market and we have to work with limited numbers. However, we have access to and can
offer the most Roadshow Trailers currently available for purchase.

- What is better for me, hiring, or buying a trailer?

The answer to this question can only be determined by your personal requirements and the event you are planning. We will assist you in making the right choice, then work closely alongside you, until you are 100% satisfied.

- What if I cannot find a suitable Trailer on the website?

Roadshow-Trailers.EU have extensive, international Exhibition Trailers, Promotional 
Trailers and Medical Trailer networks, at our disposal. Simply contact us by email or 
telephone, state your specifications and await our speedy reply, to your request.

- How important is the age of a trailer?

The majority of Exhibtion Trailers are usually a substantial commercial investment and 
if from a decent manufacturer, most will be maintained to a high standard. 20 year old 
Trailers are common finds in this market.

- Do you hire Exhibition Trailers, Promotion Trailers or Medical Trailers?

Most Trailers on our website: are for sale only. However, due to our
global networks, we are confident we can meet your demands in this area. Drop us an email
or telephone us if you require more information.

- I want to buy a new, custom designed Exhibition Trailer, Medical Trailer.

Our international networks include Trailer Manufacturers, who are qualified, registered and well known, reputable builders. With our years of experience in the field, we will be happy to assist throughout the entire procedure, to ensure you get the Trailer you want.